What is GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant)? And how is it proven?

The Genuine Temporary Entrant is a requirement of certain visas that must be satisfied. Essentially, outlines that the applicant is entering Australia solely on a temporary basis and has genuine plans to return to their original country following the expiry of their visa. The Genuine Temporary Entrant criteria is imperative for those applying for a Student Visa (subclass 500), as the very nature of this visa grant is temporary, and the Australian Government must ensure that people are genuinely applying to study and not for any ulterior motives. Outlined below are the various factors that the Department of Home Affairs consider when determining the Genuine Temporary Entrant requirement and the most effective ways to fulfill it.

Factors that the Department of Home Affairs will consider;
  • Previous studies completed in your country as well as any periods of time you did not study.
  • This can be evidenced through providing details of education providers, copies of academic transcripts, copies of certificates of attainment and education documents.
  • Previous and current employment in your country
  • This can be evidenced through details of your current employer, period of employment, details of your position and the contact details of someone who can confirm the circumstances of your employment.
  • Financial, family or social ties to your home country
  • This can be evidenced through a variety of ways including, but not limited to, income returns, bank statements, potential employment offers, statutory declarations etc.
  • Political and civil unrest in your home country
  • The Department of Home Affairs will make this assessment based upon their own research and due diligence.

The aforementioned information will be included in your GTE statement, where you can also include information that is more personable and capturing of the more nuanced aspects of your life. For example, applicants with strong connections to their family have incentives to return home. The GTE statement gives you an opportunity to provide evidence that captures elements of your life that a bank statement or tax return could never.

It is best, however, to collate and provide to the Department of Home Affairs, as much evidence as you possibly can, that illustrates an intention to return to your home country. If the Department of Home Affairs do not consider your intention to return home as genuine, then your visa will be rejected.

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