We are experts in conveyancing, contract and purchasing advice, finance securement, lease back agreements, disclosure statements and due diligence, company and trusts acquisition, and taxation structuring and advice.

When purchasing or selling property, either for residential or commercial purposes, there are steps and procedures in place to ensure settlement can occur quickly and efficiently.

When transferring interest in real property, our team directly deals with real estate agents, finance providers and other firms providing an easy, fast conveyancing platform. We can assist with conveyancing (including e-Conveyancing through PEXA), contract and purchasing advice, finance securement, lease back agreements, disclosure statements and due diligence, company and trusts acquisition, and taxation advice.

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Purchasing Property

One of the most exciting yet stressful procedures in life is purchasing a property. Here at H&O Lawyers, our expertise in the area can relieve you of some of that stress and ensure that the procedure runs as smoothly as possible working back with financiers and parties. We are able to assist with available home buyer grants and can advise on the relevant payments, such as, stamp duty, government fees, bank fees, conveyancing fees, council rates, strata fees and PEXA fees.

Selling Property

When selling a property, the smooth transmission of the property rights, title and interest is imperative. Our diligent and meticulous legal team ensures that the conveyancing process involved in selling property occurs unproblematically and all aspects are considered thoroughly. These services include vendor disclosure statement preparation, contracts of sale and the finalization of their settlement. We pride our services on being efficient yet thorough during this process to ensure settlement occurs in a timely and seamless matter.

Transfer of Property

Oftentimes, circumstances arise where the transfer of property is necessary. This can occur due to multitude of reasons where parties wish to transfer property such as in asset division, family court orders or probate. The lawyers here at H&O have extensive experience and provide a breadth of knowledge in regard to the transfer of property. Therefore, we can guide and assist you in this transfer and ensure that the process is smooth and unproblematic.

Residential Land Subdivisions

Although trends change, the overarching concept of residential land subdivision remains a popular investment among developers. Unlike commercial development, residentially zoned land can often require a more tailored and specific approach to approvals and settlement. There are many regulations, however, that must be considered when developing these subdivisions. These include, but are not limited to, the useability of the land, the type of title preventing subdivision or the existence of preventative easements. The team at H&O can assist in efficiently conveyancing residential land subdivisions as well as attaining development approvals.

Sale and Purchasing of Business

The selling and purchasing of a business requires care and understanding of the business obligations required. Considerations involve leasing arrangements, council approvals, licensing, employees and other restrictive covenants that may be entered into. It is vital to have a qualified conveyancer to assist with due diligence, contract and Form 2 preparation and settlement. At H&O we have vast experience across a range of business types including dual representation of purchaser and seller.

I initially found investing in Australia quite complex, especially with all of the Foreign Investment Review Board requirements and investment laws in Australia. H&O Lawyers were able to guide me through the entire process from pre-assessment and assistance for FIRB approval, all the way through to the conveyancing and settlement of the Property. Thanks to my experience with H&O Lawyers I can feel secure in my investment in Australia and continue to trust them as advisors for future transactions and projects.

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