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Whether it be a matter of consumer, commercial, small business, proper or other contracts and agreement, we can help.

Contract law is the combination of common law and statute that governs agreements made between parties, whether they be oral, written, express or implied. As it is such an extensive area of law with correspondingly significant consequences, the right representation is vital.

H&O Lawyers has extensive experience in the creation of contracts, the practices implicit and the related disputes that arise. Whether it be a matter of consumer, commercial, small business, proper or other contracts and agreement, H&O is qualified.

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Credit Code Contracts

For consumers and small businesses borrowing for a domestic like purpose, the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009 (Cth) outlines restrictions and regulations in reference to the provision of credit assistance. The protections offered are quite extensive and relate to the lender’s conduct before, during and after the arrangement of the contractual agreement. At H&O, we have extensive experience regarding the construction, challenge and dispute of these types of contracts. Our team can assist all clients in their credit code contracts whether it be advice relating to the provision of credit for either lenders or borrowers.

Consumer & Small Business Contracts

A consumer contract is a legally binding agreement between a trader and a consumer concerning the sale of goods, digital conduct or the supply of services that are generally for domestic or non-commercial use (with some exceptions). Due to the nature of these types of transactions, small business and consumers have protections under Consumer Law for the contracts they enter into. If you believe that you entered into a contract that is unfair or misleading or alternatively have a party attempting to invalidate a contract under Consumer Law, H&O are able to assist. Our experienced team have expertise in contract formulation, dispute resolution, negotiation and general transactional advice.

Smart Contracts

In a modern age with the demand for fast-paced business transactions and settlements, smart contracts necessitate more efficient and clearer transactions. In creating a tracked, logic driven contract, parties can protect their interests especially when dealing on a multi-national scale. We offer advisory services around blockchain and logic integrated contracts, token and currency acceptance and settlement options.

Commercial Contracts

For many commercial contracts, there are fewer statutory protections afforded to parties and terms that are more sophisticated. As a result, it is imperative to actively protect your commercial interests incidental to the operation of these contracts through precise drawing and negotiating of contracts. Our team can assist with a variety of services including contract perusal, advisory, drafting and negotiating.

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