Our Practice

Precise yet powerful representation founds our practice at H&O.

Our clients look to us to provide genuinely personable and innovative legal services, building lasting and valuable relationships. It is through strategically direct and cost-effective work that we enable communities to navigate the 'legal straits' of our domestic and international systems. We aspire to effect real change by ushering in the new age of legal practice.

Advice should not be clouded in uncertainty or archaicity. This is why we are driven to investigate, scrutinise and distil the law to our clients and the community.

Using a solutions-based approach to a problem-based industry, we are extremely proud to represent a diverse range of clients across multiple sectors.

We are here for you. We are here to help you.

A Commitment to Responsible Business

With international communities intertwined through digital economies, multinational businesses, and ever-changing regulations, we champion a sustainable, inclusive environment that fosters positive social, financial and environmental outcomes. As global citizens, we feel optimistic about the future and understand the importance of strong community, trade and business leaders.

Our firm is committed to responsible business practices and ensuring that we uphold the values and ethics in the work we do and are tasked with protecting.

Our Expertise

With an international perspective, our expertise covers an array of sectors and practice areas.

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