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At H&O we have experience in representing and advising on claims across the Fair Work Commission, state employment Tribunals and court.

Your place of work or business often amounts to your livelihood and with the growing importance realised and placed upon employee rights, it is increasingly important that the legal rights and responsibilities are understood clearly by both parties. At H&O we have experience in representing and advising on claims across the Fair Work Commission, state employment Tribunals and court.

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Employment Contracts

Whether you are an employee or employer, the contents of employment contracts are regulated and updated through various awards, state and federal legislation. With updates and amendments to the rights, entitlements and conditions of employment, we are able to provide fast and accurate advice as to their implications. At H&O, we assist with the formation and negotiation of employment contracts, liaising with Human Resource departments, dispute resolution and employment contract claims.

Discrimination & Harrasment

In today’s society, it is increasingly important as an employer to implement adequate policies and regulations regarding discrimination and harassment. Moreover, it is pivotal, as an employee, to understand your own protections in relation to these policies. We, at H&O Lawyers, will assist employers in fully comprehending their obligations and ensuring their inhouse policies and procedures are completely compliant with the relevant codes of conduct, regulation, and legislation. Furthermore, in respect to employees, we will ensure that any infringements upon these codes of conduct are appropriately responded to, and adequate measures are taken in the event of recourse. Whether it be racial, opinionative or gender-based discrimination, sexual harassment or bullying, H&O are here to help protect all members of the community.

Work Safety

We are able to provide our clients with industry specific advice regarding Work Health and Safety

procedures, irrespective of their position as employee or employer. Correct assessment as to whether current policy and procedures are adequate is vital in minimising health and safety risk and liability, and can accordingly provide amendments where necessary. There are many legislative instruments to consider and abide by in relation to health and safety at the workplace including the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (Cth) and Return to Work Act 2014 (SA). Our team are able to assist with worker’s compensation claims and disputes, the Return-to-Work schemes, policy advisory and tribunal or commission claims.

Fair Work & Saet

The Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) its subordinate legislation and related state acts provide the majority of the foundation for worker’s rights and employer’s responsibilities. The navigation between the commission, ombudsman and their state tribunal counterparts is key in dealing with any dispute or risk management that arises in the workplace. At H&O we have experience across both state tribunals and the Commission and can assist with dispute resolution procedures, liability assessments, wages and unfair dismissal claims, entitlement advice and negotiation.

Human Resources & Policies

Developing strong robust policies protects the rights of both employees and employers. They also play a vital role in determining pay entitlements and liability (most recently tested with COVID-19 and the implementation of vaccination policies). Such policies require precise and careful drafting to ensure compliance with employment legislation and associated awards. Our team can assist in developing policies and work with your human resources department to create a policy framework. Additionally, we can carry out a risk assessment and compliance audit on your business to ensure all parties’ rights and obligations are protected.

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