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H&O Lawyers are skilled in all areas of business and commercial law across all industries.

Whether a small to medium enterprise or larger corporation, commercial law requires precise navigation and forethought. We offer litigation, advisory and development services to clients across a range of sectors.

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Agribusiness is a key industry in Australia’s economy and founds growth in domestic and international markets. When dealing with such an important industry, our approach is underpinned with the understanding and passion required to protect growers, farmers, and businesses in the agricultural sector. We can assist in broad acre farming, viticulture and wine, livestock, food production, water rights and business and export negotiation.

Alcohol Licensing & Hospitality Management.

The alcohol excise industry is a heavily controlled industry requiring strict adherence to regulations and licenses. The hospitality industry is a vibrant yet difficult environment to operate in with venues facing large fines for non-compliance. It is important to understand the manufacturers’ and venues’ obligations and liabilities to consumers, patrons, staff and contractors in order to protect against claims and large penalties against businesses. At H&O, we not only offer excise manufacturing and liquor licensing application support and servicing but also a specialised hospitality management programme to elevate and protect your venue.

Business Advisory Service

Building businesses can be a challenging but rewarding experience. Our strategic business advisory service (SBAS) is a service dedicated to helping businesses grow and provide practical, enforceable solutions. Our strategic partnership networks provide foundations for directors, managers and staff to develop. SBAS has the unique benefit of being a tailored advisory service to businesses of all sizes, whether a start-up, small or medium enterprise or an already established corporate entity.

Business Structuring

Choosing the correct structure for your business can be a challenging and impactful decision. Special care is required when assessing the need for corporate, partnership or trust business structures. At H&O Lawyers we have assisted existing businesses develop and move into a different structure as well as advising new businesses on the best structure for their needs. We can assist across all business structure types including, corporations, partnerships, organisations, sole traders, joint ventures and trusts.

Commercial Transactions

Commercial transactions underpin the business world, however, there are operational, financial and regulatory frameworks in which navigation is required to ensure the best outcome. We represent and advise a range of clients involved in commercial sale transactions, service contracts, hybrid agreements and other commercial transactions. We can tailor our services for start-ups, small and medium enterprises and private or publicly listed companies.

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Competition & Consumer Law

Reducing business risk associated with competition laws and regulations can present unique challenges. Companies’ strategies and practices must adhere to the relevant regulations and laws. Consumers have explicitly protected rights that companies cannot infringe. We provide services regarding trade practices, competition regulations, consumer law, body corporates and general compliance.

Debt Recovery & Enforcement of Secured Interests

Recovering outstanding, unsecured debt or assets is a costly and time-consuming process. We consult clients across a range of industries and offer tailored solutions to them, balancing our client’s values, reputational and commercial concerns. We have experience in bankruptcy, winding up procedures, enforcement proceedings, asset recovery and contested collections. At H&O we can also assist with Enforcement of secured interests such as Mortgagees in dealing with possession proceedings. We assist a wide range of clients and have experience representing both Mortgagors and Mortgagees.

Employment & Workplace Relations

Understanding your rights and obligations at law and protecting the workplace environment are vital in establishing good business practice. People are key assets to businesses and how they work and are employed can affect more than just the people around them. We are equipped to help both employers and employees and have a critical understanding of the sensitivity and dynamics of these relations.


Having a robust and clear franchise agreement supports the efficient growth of brands without having to operate every new site. It is vital that agreements are precise to ensure brand identity and standards are not diluted through the franchise. We have advised across beauty, cosmetics, pharmacy and marketing platforms and can advise both individual franchisees and franchisors.

The team at H&O Lawyers have assisted us grow as a company over the years beginning in Adelaide, South Australia and moving to operate nationally across Australia. Their attention to detail is a key reason why we continue to use H&O to act for us. They have advised us for employment and human resources, consumer contracts, business structuring and civil litigation. We commend H&O on their continued professional and successful advice.

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