Tax Law

With both state and federal taxes applying to businesses and individuals across property, goods and services, income, superannuation, pay roll and many more, clients turn to H&O for clear, constructive advice and structuring.

Through our dealings with the tax office and other taxation peak bodies, we have experience in compliance, tax and asset structuring as well as negotiation and dispute resolution with taxation authorities.


At H&O, our tax team provides comprehensive advice and support to ensure compliance with Australian tax laws and regulations. This includes providing guidance on tax reporting and record-keeping requirements, preparation and filing of tax returns, and assistance with responding to tax audits or investigations. We also provide advice on withholding tax obligations, GST and other indirect taxes, and FBT compliance.

Planning & Preparation

Planning and preparing for tax obligations and liabilities is essential for both private and commercial clients. We can assist in developing tax-efficient business structures, policies and processes working closely with our partners in other professional industries to provide coherent advice. This includes analysing and structuring business transactions, identification business practices and credits, and promoting efficient practices for tax liabilities. Our team has expertise in tax planning for mergers and acquisitions, corporate reorganizations, and international tax matters and we are able to represent clients in dispute resolution and negotiation with taxation authorities.

International Taxation

As the global economy brings business and revenue streams from across borders, understanding and compliance with taxation legislation can be difficult to navigate. At H&O we have experience in advising clients on the complex tax implications of cross-border transactions, investments, and other international tax matters. We can provide advice on tax treaties, foreign credits, transfer pricing, and other tax issues related to international trade and investment. Our team can also assist in developing tax-efficient structures for inbound and outbound investments and advise on the tax implications of repatriating profits.


Superannuation funds must comply with regulations from the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA), Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) and Australian Tax Office (ATO). To help funds manage, we offer operational and practical support strategies as well as regulatory advice. We also assist trustees, advisers and participants of self-managed superannuation funds by advising on fund structures, compliance and licenses, preparation of fund documentation and negotiation between participants.

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