Property Law

We're here to help with all kinds of commercial transactions, land titles, development approvals, critical negotiation and compliance with multiple regulations and codes

The property sector is home to commercial transactions, land titles, development approvals, critical negotiation and compliance with multiple regulations and codes.

We are able to assist with a myriad of property related law issues from ensuring settlement of our client’s properties to complex multi-tier financed development projects and building codes.

Building, Construction & Infrastructure

The building industry involves many stakeholders such as sub-contractors, investors, builders, private companies, developers and different levels of government. As a result, there are many legal documents that bind multiple parties across a range of services and products all carrying commercial risks. We offer a range of services for all stakeholders involved in building, construction and infrastructure including procurement advice, land division and titling, government and compliance advice, contract drafting and negotiating, and dispute resolution.

Caveats & Interest in Property

Caveats act as warning to anyone interested in dealing with Property that there is a Caveatable interest in the Property. Caveatable interests often arise due to an interest the Property as a result of a mortgage, lease or resulting trust. Our team at H&O Lawyers have experience with both lodgement, dispute and removal of caveats as well as dispute resolution for proprietary and equitable interest claims in real property.

Environment & Planning

Environment law aims to protect flora and fauna and reduce impacts of developments and infrastructure and property use on the environment. Similarly, planning law deals with regulations of zoning, heritage status and title rights to protect communities and preserve local interests. We are able to work with all levels of government and private companies on matters relating to environmental advice and representation, management plans and agreements, heritage and zoning advice, planning and compliance, contaminated land, native title, and infrastructure charging.

Leasing, Licenses & Titles

Laws and regulations governing commercial and residential title ownership, leasing and licensing vary across different types of property. It is vital to understand your rights and obligations under different leases and licenses, especially the ongoing obligation of guarantors and other financing structures. We have experience in title disputes, strata and community titling, creation, termination and assignment of leases, tenant and landlord negotiation, tribunal disputes and licenses advice.

Property Development Service

At H&O, we have identified the need for a specialist Property Development Service (PDS). Our PDS helps clients with property development from securing financing and advising investors to final settlement and handover. We provide boutique services every step of the development process and work with clients dealing with, building contracts and guarantees, brief structuring and negotiation, agreements for lease, division and subleasing, handover negotiation, government negotiation, planning approval, multi-tier financing, and dispute resolution services.

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