Wills & Estate Planning

We are experienced in all matters of elder law, wills, estates, and the associated advisory services.

The importance of planning one’s estate and protecting assets and directives extends to all members of the community.

At H&O, we have the requisite discretion in approaching all matters regarding elder law, wills, estates, and the associated advisory services. We support our clients in every stage of the process with the precision and consideration vital to this area of law. Our experienced team can help with all forms of asset and wealth protection, family and generational estates, administrations, private contests, and interjurisdictional matters.

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Administration of Estates

The administration of deceased estates is a challenging and delicate process especially when one has passed away intestate (without a will). We advise clients throughout the administration process including the application for grants of letters of administration, administration orders, preparation of affidavits, and inventory of property and estate advice.

Advanced Care Directives

Planning for the future allows clear and defined directives to protect your values and wishes in any circumstances. Advanced care directives formalise your decisions at a time you have capacity about, substitute-decision makers, life goals and preferred outcomes, and treatments and care you would engage or refuse. At H&O, we guide our clients through all directive decisions to ensure your wishes are understood, followed, and upheld.

Asset Protection

Asset protection and wealth stability can be challenging with a plethora of financial structures, fees, and taxes. We have an array of clients whose diversified portfolios require tailored solutions to ensure their longevity and directives. We can assist with, trust structures, financial vehicles, real property, portfolio management advise, tax, and fee structuring.

Elder Law

The later years of one’s life can impart a host of legal decisions, actions, and agreements to consider. Our Elder Law program focuses on the specific diverse legal needs of our elder clients. At H&O we can advise on retirement village agreements, disputes concerning capacity, guardianship appointments, home care agreements, and other directives centred around the security, health, and wellbeing of our clients.

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Enduring Power of Attorney

Whilst a general power of attorney provides the attorney with a power to act on your behalf, it ceases upon one’s passing or legal incapacitation. In order to preserve our client’s wishes, beliefs and preferred outcomes, we advise and prepare enduring powers of attorney. We are also able to assist in the structuring, appointment and revocation of such powers and advise our clients accordingly.

Family Advisory Service

With families across the globe increasingly more connected through digital, real and financial asset sharing, we have identified the need for specialised Family Advisory Service (FAS). FAS provides our clients’ families with ongoing support to aid in aspects related to the family running, protection and wishes. Our services include, family constitutions, private dispute resolution and mediation sessions, intergenerational wealth planning, family business advice, and representation.


For an executor of a Will to begin administering an estate, the Will must, first, be deemed valid. This process is known as a Grant of Probate. Our team can advise if probate is needed, applications for Grants of Probate including executor affidavits, validity concerns of the Probate Registry, contests, and administration.


A valid Will not only protects your own interests and wishes in the administration of your estate but ensures third parties do not alter any interests of the beneficiaries. At H&O we assist our clients in creating their Wills through, asset and protection recommendations, advice on appointments of executors, validity and capacity contests, and other family-minded services.

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